• Esperanza Martinez
  • Alexa Pomales
  • Eva Alnwick

    By far the oldest of the Alnwick clan, Eva does not know her age on earth. She knows only that she was alive literally since time began. As the story goes, she was supposedly bitten by a snake whose venom gave her eternal life as a vampire. She has passed through centuries, millenniums and time without ever experiencing the sweet release of death. Eva sought and chose her clan by placing herself in key moments in Earth’s history. Each member of her clan was chosen for their strengths. Eva has chosen well. She is surrounded by strong Vampires and minions who have their own legacy but are eternally grateful and faithful to her. In her modern form, Eva is a lovely Latina woman in her forties. She loves cooking with spices that give her “ingredients” different tastes in the food she prepares for her family. She also loves her friend Elvis’ music, Motown, and fashion. Having witnessed many atrocities against them throughout the ages; she is an advocate for women, children, the meek and the oppressed.

    She recognizes her evil, but has chosen to channel her hunger and thirst for humans to those who impart negative and destructive energy into the universe she knows so well. It is an eternal mystery to Eva how (despite knowledge and reason), no matter what one knows and understands, wisdom and logic are still no match for the pangs and longings of the heart. No matter what control one supposedly has over it, and even in its absence, the heart can still be broken.

  • Katie Barberi

    Telenovela star, Daylight Sucks Writer/Producer, and SagAftra committee member Katie Barberi (Eva La Trailera, Doña Barbara) visually inspires Vigilante Vampire and Alnwick clan leader Eva Alnwick, pillar of feminine strength and child advocate, in Daylight Sucks.

  • Esperanza Martinez
  • Alexa Pomales
  • George Alnwick

    Born Giorgius Theobaste Anici in Cappadocia in 280 AD, Giorgius was a member of the Roman Army who professed his faith in, and love for, Jesus Christ, according to his teachings and familial history. His humble beginning as the son of a farmer were the catalyst for his kindness, nobility and inner strength born of faith and honor. Asked to renounce his faith or face death, Giorgius refused, citing Christ his Savior and his salvation from death. Upon being sentenced to a hanging, Giorgius felt betrayed by his God. Standing on the platform awaiting his death, Giorgius was surprised to hear a woman’s voice under the hangman’s mash. Eva Alnwick stood holding Giorgius’ noose. As she placed it over his head, she bit the back of his neck. She spoke softly and said in Arabic, “’Ana sawf yakun hnak mataa ‘ant aistayqaz…(I will be there when you wake).” Eva had found in Giorgius’ kindness and nobility; a partner she would be willing to build a life in death with. In present day, George is Eva’s husband and faithful partner. He owns a mortuary and is the family “provider”. Together, Eva and George, her sweet “younger man”, have formed a strong clan. George lives in death and pain because of his perceived betrayal by the god he worshipped in his human life. He does not, to this day, understand why the innocent and kind must suffer. His mission is to protect his clan as they eradicate as many dishonest, cruel and insensitive humans and Vampires who are causing innocents pain as possible. 

  • Arap Bethke

    Mexican telenovela star Arap Bethke (Club de Cuervos, La Piloto) visually inspires Vigilante Vampire and Alnwick Patriarch George Alnwick, who seeks a world without religious manipulation, in Daylight Sucks. 

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Daylight Sucks the comic book is the brainchild of creator Craig Hurley.  Together he and actor/writer Katie Barberi wrote the bilingual story of a Vigilante Vampire family named the Alnwicks.

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