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We've come to take you on a journey… A journey into the unknown with the Alnwicks, a clan of Vampires that use their thirst for the betterment of society. You will never encounter a comic book series quite like that of Daylight Sucks. Throwing you into a whirl wind of emotional territory with this amazing Vampire graphic novel, from the very beginning with the story of a girl in search of her long-lost father, a witty sixteen-year-old boy and his fight against terminal cancer, and the struggle of a woman who has existed since the beginning of time. This series of Vampire comics takes you on a suspenseful ride, covering relevant subject matter such as LGBTQ rights, women’s rights, child abuse, and even racism, truly securing this one-of-a-kind comic book series in a spot above the rest. The Alnwicks are advocates for all who are oppressed in the world, choosing to only feed on those who most deserve to die.

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