• Join beautiful bad ass feminist Vigilante Vampire Madison Alnwick and the entire Alnwick clan on the ride of your life!

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Daylight Sucks Comic Book Issues 1, 2 & 3 Package

Daylight Sucks, the not-your-average comic book series, is the story of the Alnwicks. They are a good looking, healthy and loving family; fiercely loyal to each other, and supportive of one another's passions like few families that you will ever meet. The Alnwicks, however, are not just a family... They're a clan of Vampires. Though they feed off human flesh, and quench their thirst with blood like any other Vampire, they are unique in one specific way; they only feed on douche bags. That's right, the Alnwicks are a clan of Vigilante Vampires! This is what sets the Alnwicks apart from any other Vampire comic story. If you have willfully harmed another, an animal, or the environment; if you have victimized, or are merciless to those who cannot defend themselves... You had better hope the Alnwicks don't hear about it.

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Daylight Sucks, a Vampire Graphic Novel

Is there only vengeance, judgement and violence in Daylight Sucks, a Vampire graphic novel? Of course not! There is also a star-crossed, seemingly impossible, bilingual love story that exists within these Vampire comic strips. Natural beauty Esperanza Martinez is on a quest for a better life north of the Mexican border, and to unite with the father she has never known.  Her harrowing tale will pull you directly into her world, and completely into this graphic novel. Will her world collide with that of the Alnwicks? You'll have to order your copy of Daylight Sucks, the Vampire comic book series, right here online or better yet, order your three-pack and get Issues 1, 2 and 3 with free shipping!

Heart-wrenching Short Stories

Join us in a tale of love, friendship, loyalty and honor. Daylight Sucks is without-a-doubt unlike any other Vampire comic book series that you'll ever encounter. Delving into the worlds of its characters and their various walks of life, joining them all through tragedy, and heart ache, these short stories explore the extraordinary lives of a family, and what brought them all together.  Daylight Sucks is an endearing, brave take on the genre of Vampire graphic novels, and a world of vigilante heroes that fight the evil within, by proving the good in us all. Will there be blood? You bet. Although the story of Daylight Sucks travels much, much deeper than that. Daylight Sucks is a profound story of salvation and love among these inspiring characters.

Issue 1

Issue 2

Issue 3

A Profound Take on Vampire Comic Book Series

So, what is it truly that sets Daylight Sucks apart from any other comic book series? The easy answer is subject matter. Covering topics that range from LGBTQ issues, domestic and animal abuse, women and children’s rights and racial prejudice.  Daylight Sucks will take you from a ruthless murder scene to the story of Frankie, a sixteen-year-old boy, and his fight with lung cancer that will tug at your heart strings. Order these wonderful short stories online and receive your physical copy of this superb graphic novel series today!  

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Daylight Sucks the comic book is the brainchild of creator Craig Hurley.  Together he and actor/writer Katie Barberi wrote the bilingual story of a Vigilante Vampire family named the Alnwicks.

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